The TAAA brings together all active alumni. To be a TAAA member, the candidate must satisfy the criteria specified in the Membership Forms page and pay the annual membership fee. Currently, the membership fee is NT$500 per annum.

Please take action now to download and prepare the membership application form.

- Download Chinese form in Word format
- Download English form in Word format

The applicants can send the application to TAAA by:

Fax: (C/- AEI, +886 2 2720 2814)
Mail (C/- AEI, Suite 2602, International Trade Building, #333 Keeling Road, Section 1, Taipei 110, Taiwan )

The applicants will need to pay the subscription fee by electronic remittance.

As mentioned above, the TAAA members will be able to access a range of advantages, business and social contacts, employment services, and benefits. We sincerely invite you to join the TAAA.